Who We Are

PO Consulting Ltd offers technical security support services to clients who want to reduce their operational risk. Technology in one form or another forms a fundamental part of business today. Technology brings benefits but it can often also bring risk, complexity and misunderstanding, which if not fully understood and managed can have negative consequences.

PO Consulting enhance that understanding in the context of Security for our clients.

PO Consulting has a heritage in engineering which allows us to operate at all levels of the enterprise from board room to specific firewall rule for example so that we can assure that solutions or architectures are aligned with risks, fit for purpose, not over engineered and therefore represent value for money.

There are no cyber risks, only enterprise risks. From cloud based web enabled fabric through embedded automotive microcontroller solutions to industrial PLC / SCADA implementations – we challenge norms to provide evidence based assurance on which high value business decisions can be made at the appropriate level in our clients’ business.