PO Consulting Ltd was formed over ten years ago with a mission of contributing to the resilience and robustness of our clients. We are a small consulting company which operates under the notion that our clients’ success is our success – whatever the context of the assignment.

We have operated in the areas of ISO27001, CLAS, CHECK, Security Accreditation and incident response for our clients in enduring Business As Usual (BAU) as well as tactical point response to specific events.

We have demystified security claims, challenged the notion of ‘security through obscurity’, validated (or otherwise) vendor security assertions, implemented innovative architectures to provide high assurance barriers – implicitly without the need for expensive certifications, assisted in the formulation of contracts with appropriate duty of care vehicles incorporated, reviewed embedded processor platforms in light of specific risk landscapes, provided tender support for Systems Integrators in respect of information security, maximised use of COTS in architectures, adjusted business process for our clients rather than spend money on expensive security barriers and most importantly, facilitated favourable security accreditation decisions.